Monday, July 23, 2018

#MicroblogMondays: Odds & ends

  • Another senseless tragedy in our city last night -- a shooting on Danforth Avenue (Greektown) that killed two young people and injured 12 others. :(  Dh grew up just a few blocks away;  he knows the area like the back of his hand, and we used to spend a lot of time there when we were first married. It's a busy, popular, vibrant neighbourhood, full of restaurants (excellent Greek food!), stores, apartment buildings & homes on the adjacent sidestreets, and on a nice summer evening, the sidewalks & restaurants would have been jam packed with people. Horrible. :( 
  •  FIL's health continues to deteriorate. :(  At the moment, he is still at home, and drugs are helping to keep the pain at bay.  He sleeps for much of the day now. He doesn't always recognize us, but he did recognize dh (and, I think, me) when we visited today. 
  • When we left FIL's house this afternoon, there was a monarch butterfly amid stepMIL's flowers in the front yard. Which, of course, made me think of Katie. Two weeks from tomorrow will be 20 (!!) years since we lost her. I don't think we'll be doing anything beyond what we usually do to mark the day, but we will definitely be in remembrance mode. 
  • We celebrated dh's cousin's birthday with her on Saturday night, and even though I only imbibed a small glass of vodka soda (a large can split three ways between me, SIL & the birthday girl) and drank lots of water all evening long, I STILL woke up feeling slightly hung over & dehydrated. My 20-something self would be both amused and horrified by my lack of midlife alcohol tolerance. ;)   
  • I just ordered my 2019 Filofax calendar insert via Amazon. I've used Filofax for more than 25 years now, and find it still works well for me.  There used to be several stores downtown where I bought the calendar inserts, but even before I lost my downtown job, many of those stores closed, and the inserts started getting harder & harder to find. I do know of one high-end stationery store, midtown, that still carries them, but this saves me having to make a special trip on the subway.  My 2019 insert should be here by mid-August. Too early?? 

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  1. I’m so sorry about the shooting. I wish there was a way to eliminate these entirely, but politics don’t allow for it. May your community find peace during this time.

    I’m also sorry to hear about your FIL. That’s hard all around. Sending you and dh love.

    And 20 years. Oh lady. May there be many, many butterflies.

  2. I heard about the shooting and was shocked. And now you've told me it was on the Danforth, which I came to know (virtually) through a dear blogger I met over ten years ago, and who lived above a bakery on the Danforth, and regaled us of stories of the people who lived and worked and visited there.

    Thinking of you and DH the next couple of weeks. 20 years. A long time, and yet no time at all.

    I'm glad FIL is still able to be at home, and getting adequate pain relief. It's tough for all of you, I know.

    Yes, I laughed at the alcohol tolerance! I look back to what I drank in my 20s, and wonder if I was completely irresponsible, or just better able to take it!

    And finally. I'm laughing that you bought your calendar for next year already! It's never too early, I guess.

  3. Thinking of you. Your city, your FIL, and your dear Katie <3 <3 <3

    I still keep a pencil and paper planner. It goes along with the school year so I get a new one every year in the summer. I just started my new one this week and it always makes me happy. :)