Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Odds & ends (the downbeat edition)

  • I had almost forgotten that -- in addition to every single woman's favourite (not) holiday, Valentine's Day -- it's Family Day this weekend in Ontario (& several other Canadian provinces). (Past Family Day-related posts/rants here.) I received an unwelcome reminder by way of a sappy radio ad that was sponsored by a union (!). Bah, humbug. :p 
  • An older, distant (female, American, conservative) relative rarely posts on Facebook -- but recently, she posted a faux Peanuts cartoon in which Lucy says, "Women have the right to control their own bodies!" and Linus retorts, "If you controlled them, you wouldn't need abortions!" I promptly unfollowed her. I put up with a LOT of political crap I don't agree with from some of my relatives on social media -- but when you put lines like that in the mouths of beloved Peanuts characters (who would NEVER have said anything like that...!!), I really have to draw the line. :p  (Especially with an election coming up in the States later this year...!) 
  • I had some sad/shocking news over the weekend when I talked to my mother:  she told me she'd seen an obituary in the city paper... for my sister's first high school boyfriend.  They didn't go together very long, maybe a few months (some 40+ (!!) years ago now), but of course I remember him vividly.  My sister is a bit of a tough cookie -- or at least she likes to present herself that way ;) -- but my mom told me she burst into tears when she heard the news.  He was a live wire, kind of a hyper kid, a bit of a chatterbox -- so it's hard to believe he's gone. He was only 57 (same age as my sister), and had been ill for almost a year. Way too young. :( 
    • I had my own little side romance going on with his best friend at the same time -- we all hung out together. He was my one and only high school "boyfriend" -- and I'm not even  really sure I can or should call him that. I think we had just one "official" date -- the four of us went to a dance together at the other high school in town (there were two!), and he paid my way in. We danced together there, and at a few house parties, and made out a few times, and I think he called me a few times, but that was it. I knew our relationship would fizzle out after my sister & his friend broke up -- and it did -- but we stayed friends (cordial but awkward in the school halls...)(I was friends with his two younger brothers as well, and our moms also knew each other), and I still have fond memories of him and of that time in my life.
    • After writing the above, I started Googling -- & ran across a blog written by my old boyfriend's younger brother. 
      • He has stage 4 cancer and expects to be gone within the year. :(  
      • I think it's time for me to get offline for a while...!  


  1. Oh goodness, that is a "downbeat" lot of news. It's always shocking when old friends die - especially as we remember them as they were. It's a good reminder to enjoy life while we can, I guess. Which I know you know, so I'm saying it as a reminder to myself. And a reminder too that life is too short to put up with crap!

  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry! That's terrible news. Too many young deaths. And yeah, that post sounds awful. Uggggghhhhhhh. I hope you survive Family Day relatively unscathed!

  3. Oh gosh, that's so sad. F*ck cancer. Seriously :-(
    That anti abortion cartoon was just stupid. It is really insulting to the women who end up in that situation for a large variety of reasons.

  4. Oh, my. So much sad news to deal with.

    Stupid Peanuts-usurper.