Sunday, February 2, 2020

Right now

Right now... (an occasional meme, alternating from time to time with "The Current")

Reading:  I read five (5) books in January (all good, all reviewed on this blog & tagged "2020 books"): 

These five books equal 17% of my Goodreads 2020 Reading Challenge goal of 30 books. Off to a good start!  :)  

Current read(s):  Haven't started anything new yet. (But it will probably be a lighter read than "A Very Stable Genius,"  lol.)  

My library book club's January discussion (last week) was for "The Alice Network" by Kate Quinn, which I read & reviewed early in 2019, here. (I just did a quick skim to refresh my memory for our discussion vs a total re-read.) We'll be discussing "A Life in Parts" by the actor Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad," "Malcolm in the Middle," etc.) at our next meeting later in February.  (That may be the book I pick up next.) 
(Some) recent purchases/additions to the TBR pile (that I haven't read yet):
Watching:  Lots of figure skating on TV!  (both Canadian & U.S. national championships)  Four Continents coming up, and then Worlds (in Montreal this year) in March!  

We saw four (4) really great movies during January! including: 
On television, I STILL haven't made time to get into Season 3 of "The Crown." I HAVE been watching "Howard's End" on PBS, with Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter!!) in the role that won Emma Thompson an Oscar in the 1992 movie version with Anthony Hopkins. I saw that version too, but didn't remember a whole lot about it -- and that was one 2 hour movie, vs four one-hour episodes. 

NOT watching:  The Super Bowl today, lol. (I could honestly care less!)  Dh will be watching at a bar in our old community, along with his brother and several of his cousins (including Cousin/Neighbour, who still lives there). (The TV will be MINE tonight, bahahaha....)

I have LOTS of podcasts in my queue to catch up on...!

Following:  My progress (or lack thereof... :p ) on the scale...! 

Drinking/Eating:  The crockpot/slow cooker is getting lots of use lately.  Most frequently used recipes: roast beef & gravy with potatos & veggies, beef stew, chicken & dumplings.  :)  

Buying (besides books, lol):  The occasional box of diapers, and some cute outfits, for little Great-Nephew. :)  (What else are (great-)aunties for, right?) 

Wearing:  Slippers, as well as socks... the laminate floors of our condo get pretty cold in the winter! (I am sure there's a concrete base underneath!) 

Wanting: If it has to be winter, can the sun at least shine once in a while? Pretty please?? 

Trying: To remember to wash my hands more frequently, especially after we've been out & about, in view of the corona virus outbreak (as well as the regular cold & flu season). 

Loving: Little Great-Nephew. Anytime we get to see him (generally once every week or so), our day is automatically brightened!  :)  (Even if he's in a fussy mood, lol -- he's just so darned cute!)  

Feeling:  Relieved that the cold, grey, post-Christmas letdown of January is over -- albeit not looking forward to February, which is generally more of the same...! :p  (At least it's shorter??)(Although this year is a Leap Year, so, one more day than usual...!)  

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