Friday, February 1, 2019

Right now

Right now... (an occasional meme, alternating from time to time with "The Current")

Reading:  I'm off to a good start with my Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge (goal:  24 books), with 3 books finished in January (all reviewed on this blog) and another underway ("Beartown" by Fredrick Backman... so far, so good...!).

Recent purchases:  "The Golden Tresses of the Dead" (the latest -- and possibly last, sob!! -- Flavia de Luce mystery by Alan Bradley).

Dh has also been reading more again lately, which makes me happy. :)

Watching: I finally got to see "Three Identical Strangers" last Sunday night on CNN (and I understand it's going to be on again on Saturday night, if you missed it). Well worth watching, especially if you have any interest in adoption issues or multiples. I've always been fascinated by multiples (my sister & I were known as "the Bobbsey Twins," even though we're almost two years apart & really aren't much alike at all, especially once you get to know us well...!), and I remember hearing about this in the early 1980s, when the triplets first found each other at age 19 (they are exactly six months younger than I am).  I knew the story took a dark turn, and I found myself wiping my eyes at a couple of points, but it was still an amazing story with a few surprises, and very well done.

I've been enjoying season 3 of "Victoria" and the new season of "Finding Your Roots" on PBS.

The only movie we saw in January: "On the Basis of Sex," with Felicity Jones as a young Ruth Bader Ginsburg (and Armie Hammer as her supportive husband Marty).  We both enjoyed it a lot.

Listening: Dh recently discovered that our TV service (Bell Fibe) includes a number of music channels from a service/app called Stingray. (Oh, give us a break, we're aging baby boomers here, lol.)  There are tons of different stations you can listen to (commercial/DJ-free!) -- country, classical, 70s, 80s, 90s, R&B, classic rock (our most frequent choice).  It's so nice to listen to music instead of TV news or sports constantly during the day. We listen to a local classic rock station on the car radio all the time, but the Stingray classic rock channel plays a lot of songs I haven't heard in eons. Of course, even if it's been years since I last heard the song, and it's 40+ years old, I can still sing along. (One recent earworm here. :)  )

Following:  Yay, it's figure skating season!  :)  (Forget the Super Bowl!!  lol)  I've been binge watching (and enjoying) the Canadian, European & U.S. national championships over the past few weekends.  World championships will be in mid-March.

Drinking/Eating: Lots of tea, lots of "comfort food."

Wearing:  Slippers and a cardigan over my socks and usual clothes, trying to keep warm during the recent cold snap! (Floor-to-ceiling windows and laminate floors look fabulous, but they are also COLD in winter!)(Especially when you know there must be a concrete base below that laminate...!)

Buying (besides books, lol):  A friend of a friend makes beautiful sterling silver jewelry -- AND she offers a birthday discount to people on her mailing list -- so I treated myself to some pretty new bling :)  which, happily, arrived today. :)

I also scored a pair of black jeans/twill pants from Old Navy for $5.99 recently. (The legs are way too long & had to triple-roll up the bottoms -- but otherwise, they fit perfectly. And -- $5.99, right??!)

Collecting: Christmas & birthday discounts/goodies from various retailers. I didn't manage to cash in on all of them before they expired at the end of January -- but beyond the discounted jewelry mentioned above, I also picked up a new nightgown for 25% off, and an essential oils rollerball for 30% off. :)

Wanting:  A break from the monotony of winter.  :p 

Loving: That I don't have to get up early, leave the house & wait for a commuter train (that's probably delayed...!) in this frigid weather.

Remembering:  Three years ago today, I officially retired (!!).  In July, it will be five years since I was pink-slipped!

Wondering:  What kind of a month February (generally my least favourite) is going to be?

Feeling: COLD!! COLD!! COLD!! Yesterday morning's temperature: -21C, -35C windchill (-6F & -31F)  I try not to complain too much, though... on Wednesday morning, it was -40C WITHOUT the windchill and -50C WITH the windchill where my parents live!  (-40C is the same as -40F -- and -50C = -58F -- so whatever system you use, you know it's cold!!)


  1. Belated birthday wishes to you, lovely lady!
    I've been watching the news reports on the bitter cold weather around the world this week. It's been bitterly cold here too, but nothing like anyone anywhere else has had!
    I too, have been drinking lots of tea, it's that time of the year for hot, comforting drinks.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend, it goes too quickly though!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed On the Basis of Sex. I want to see that. We saw Green Book on Friday, and really enjoyed that too. You also have me scrambling to see if we have Season 3 of Victoria.

    Glad you're getting to do some satisfying retail therapy.

    Also - you= -20C. Me= +30C. 50 degree C difference!

  3. I have enjoyed my time here.It's looking so real.very nice.Thanks

  4. Oooh, Beartown is on my list--I look forward to your review. Love that your husband is reading more too!