Monday, February 25, 2019

#MicroblogMondays: Post-Oscars edition :)

  • The night before the Oscars, I dreamed I was AT the Oscars -- as a presenter, no less!  Hanging out with Queen & the guys from "Bohemian Rhapsody."  ;)  And it was five minutes to showtime, and I was struggling to put on my makeup.  :p I do remember I was wearing a kickass dress, though.  :)  Dark metallic grey-blue with sparkles. 
  • Not having a host actually seemed to work out pretty well, I thought...! The pace of the show seemed much improved from recent years (under 3 hours & 20 minutes, not bad...), and they didn't seem to be quite as strict about cutting off people's speeches. 
  • I do think they could have given a LITTLE more time to the honorary & science/tech award winners, though...! (presented at separate banquets)
  • I am glad they did not move some of the awards to the commercial breaks, as previously announced.  They deserve their moment in the spotlight too.  And often some of the best speeches & most memorable moments come from these "minor" award winners. 
  • I will admit, I didn't think "Bohemian Rhapsody" was best picture material... but it was one of my favourite movies from last year. A whole lot of fun, and I do think it deserved all the awards it got. (And it actually wound up winning more awards -- four -- than any other movie this year!)  
    • LOVED having Queen and Adam Lambert open the show. Just perfect and set an energetic tone for the show. Loved seeing Brian May & Roger Taylor in the audience later too. :) 
    • Also perfect having Mike Myers & Dana Carvey (aka Wayne & Garth :)  ) introduce the movie as a Best Picture nominee. :) 
    • Loved Rami Malek's acceptance speech too.  
  • Loved Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga's duet, and how they just walked up to the stage from the audience & started singing. They need to put a picture of these two under the dictionary definition of "chemistry."  ;)  
  • I did not see "Mary Poppins Returns," but hearing Bette Midler sing "Where the Lost Things Go" brought me to tears. It's a song about loss & grief & comfort. (My understanding of the movie is Mary Poppins returns after Michael Banks -- now the grown-up father of three children -- loses his wife.)  
    • Great Poppins-esque entrance from Keegan-Michael Key to introduce the song (being lowered from the ceiling with an umbrella in hand!).  I would have been terrified!! (I am sure that was WELL rehearsed!)
  • I have not seen "The Favourite" either, but I loved Olivia Colman's surprise win & speech.  
    • Was there anything funnier than Melissa McCarthy and her rabbit-festooned dress -- a send-up of the queen Colman played in "The Favourite"?  
    • A friend (also living without children after loss) pointed out to me on Facebook "While Queen Anne didn't really have a rabbit for every child she lost [17] it was kind of cool that The Favourite addressed her losses with them." (17!!)  I did not know this! 
  • Favourite dresses:  Tina Fey, Regina King, Amy Adams, Glenn Close (obviously designed with a win in mind...!), Emma Stone, Gemma Chan (a bit frou-frou with all those ruffles, but she pulled it off), Constance Wu, Michelle Yeoh, Brie Larson, Julia Roberts. 
  • Just... no (re: dresses):  Maya Rudolph, Kacey Musgraves, Linda Cardellini, Rachel Weisz. And Charlize Theron. Normally she looks stunning, but IMHO, her dress was drab and way too severe looking.  
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Did you watch? Thoughts? Favourite dress(es)?  Dress(es) that made you wince? Favourite speech? Moment(s) that made you cheer? Cringe?

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  1. I didn’t watch the Oscars or even know any of the films nominated, BUT I did see a pic of Tina Fey and her dress was beyond was an amazing cut and the color was just WOW.

  2. Argh, I missed the Oscars live, we kept Hulu Live specifically FOR the Oscars and ABC wasn't available in our area! What the what! I was so mad. I had to go online to see who was winning. I did watch the red carpet though, and holy no, Maya Rudolph. And I think that was Kate Moss in the pink ruffly monstrosity with heart polka dots? EW. I loved Melissa McCarthy's pantsuit (and the rabbit dress was hilarious, even if it was poking fun at something sad), and Michelle Yeoh. Lady Gaga's weird hip thing was a no for me. I loved Emilia Clarke's sparkly dress and thought Regina King looked super classy, almost like a wedding dress but not. I loved the acceptance speech for costume design.

    Basically, I saw the things that were on E! Red Carpet or that I found on Twitter... :(

    1. Emilia Clarke's dress was pretty too. Gaga's dress was all right, but I kept getting distracted by her hair, lol. I know being outrageous is her trademark, & this was actually pretty tame for her (lol) but I much prefer her more natural look in the movie!

    2. OK, I found a picture of Gaga & I see what you mean about the weird hip thing...!

  3. I got to bed really late last night after fast-forwarding through the Oscars that I had recorded earlier. I'd only seen Greenbook, and The Favourite (well, and Black Panther) - both were excellent movies. I highly recommend them. And yes, I noticed that they talked about Queen Anne's loss of 17 children in the movie, and approved of it. Because it could easily have been ignored. (Though I suspect they also used it to explain why she is a bit bonkers). Olivia Colman is one of my favourite actresses, and I adored her speech - though it wasn't really a speech, was it? I loved her dress too.

    I haven't looked at all the dresses, but saw Gemma Chan's online, and really agree that she pulled it off and looked amazing. My favourite pink dress along with Julia Robert's. There was a beautiful strapless gold dress too, but can't remember who wore it.

    1. I'm pretty sure I know the strapless gold dress you mean; it was one of the actresses from "Black Panther," although I can't think of her name. (I looked it up -- Danai Gurira.) I agree, it was stunning!

    2. I just realized I posted about various nominated movies we didn't see but didn't mention the 3 we did see: Bohemian Rhapsody, Black Panther and A Star is Born. (And the Incredibles II for animated feature, & RBG for documentary.)

    3. Yes, that was it! Danai Gurira - thanks for looking it up! Gorgeous.

      Haven't seen A Star is Born (or RBG) or Bohemian Rhapsody - but after seeing Gaga and Bradley Cooper sing, I'm thinking I'll try and see A Star is Born or download it.

  4. I had the Oscars on but was doing other things. I think I need to find the clips of some of your favorites!

    I did see the Gaga/Cooper moment, but I missed the Queen opening. I need to find that...

    1. They did "We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions" (as you might have guessed...!). :)