Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Odds & ends

  • I was back at the optometrist's office last week to check on my PVD (again -- third time in about as many weeks). He was encouraging -- but he wanted me to continue to take it easy for one more week (no heavy lifting or straining) -- and come back to see him in another month or so. (We made an appointment for late May.) Frustrating...!! 
  • We had a busy Easter weekend. I barely had time to dwell on my usual holiday-related angst, lol.  We were invited to dinner at dh's cousin's house (along with BIL & SIL) for Good Friday, and then to BIL's on Saturday (along with the nephews and SIL's family). Then, Easter Sunday morning, SIL called & said, "Let's go for brunch!"  It's nice to be included (even if it's (STILL) a bit awkward sometimes to be the only childless/free adults in the room...) ...but it's also nice to have some alone time to recuperate, lol.  (Previous Easter-related posts here.) 
  • A few weeks ago, I wrote a post in response to a question posed by Erik & Melissa on their Live Childfree podcast, about why so few people openly embrace a childless/free identity.  I sent them the link in an email (as well as a link to a previous post from 2012 where I discussed this subject) -- and lo & behold, they put up a new episode this weekend where they mention ME and this blog (as well as some other responses they received). Pretty strange to hear yourself being talked about in the third person, lol. If you want to check out the podcast, it's episode 4, and I'm mentioned starting at around the 7:30 mark. 
    • Welcome to anyone who came to this blog after hearing about it in the podcast! (& thanks, Erik & Melissa, for the shoutout!). 
  • Another interesting podcast I listened to recently: Glynnis MacNicol, author of "No One Tells You This," which I read & loved last summer (reviewed here), was a guest on the April 22nd episode of "A Single Serving Podcast." The podcast is aimed at "changing the discussion around being single into one that doesn't suck." :)  MacNicol is single & childless/free by choice -- but I don't think you have to be either to appreciate what she has to say about the lack of women's stories and voices, particularly when those stories don't fit into the established/accepted narrative. 
  • A couple of worthwhile reads I came across recently: 


  1. Hey, congrats on the shout-out on the podcast! That's great! Ahhh, I loved that Jody Day piece. And it made my blood boil a bit, the things people said, but I thought she was brilliant. I'm sorry the eye saga continues, I hope it heals up well and you don't need any further intervention. And I hear you on post-Easter recovery alone time! I feel that way now, although I absolutely loved having family in to visit, two weeks with limited alone time swaths while recovering has left me a special kind of tired. :) I will go read those other links!

  2. Just listened to the podcast section about you. That's fantastic for prompting the conversation there, and bringing it back here. It showed perhaps a difference in the depth of thinking you can do on a blog, and perhaps that you do over a long time too. There's wisdom in your words!