Monday, September 9, 2019

#MicroblogMondays: I survived!

Pregnant Niece-in-Law's baby shower was yesterday -- almost exactly 21 years after mine was supposed to be held. I was surprised that I didn't feel more angst about it than I did.  I had the odd ouch/eyeroll moment (if I hear one more woman talking about how grandchildren are just THE BEST!! I might throw something...!) but I survived, quite nicely. I think I was partly too busy helping out, partly too tired by the end of it all (lol), partly just happy for Older Nephew and his wife, and partly just plain thrilled at the prospect of a new baby in the family to spoil. I will never be a mother, let alone a grandmother -- but I've been lucky enough to watch two wonderful nephews grow up -- and the idea that I get to do it all over again with a new generation (and hopefully do it even better this time around) makes me very, very happy. :)

The weather was a bit chilly, and there was a bit of rain before the guests arrived (lunch & games were supposed to be on the patio/terrace) but the sun eventually peeked out a bit & all was well. There was tons of great food to eat (appetizers, lunch & goodies with coffee), some fun people to visit with and not too many dumb games to endure. ;)  Overall, it was a lovely afternoon.

Nevertheless -- at the end of the day, after everyone else had left, the one future grandmother turned to the other and said, "For the baptism -- I say we go to a restaurant!"  lol

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(Some of) The Haul from yesterday's baby shower.  Note the stacks of diapers!
Everyone who brought a package of diapers
(& most people did, along with an actual gift from the registry)
had their names entered in a draw to win a beautiful gift basket.


  1. Yay!!! I'm so glad you survived, and so glad that you're also thrilled about the arrival of another baby in the family. I think that's the best thing about healing - that we can fully enjoy new arrivals again, and we can be wonderful aunts and great-aunts.

  2. Hooray for survival! The timing of everything is so tough. I'm glad it when my will, glad the sun eventually came out, and glad you didn't accidentally stab braggy grandmas with a plastic fork. Ha ha ha... Baby showers are so hard even without mirrored thinking, but I'm glad you can throw yourself into helping and anticipate a new baby in the family to love on. Sending you a hug, and an imaginary stab at those grannies.

  3. Wow, it sounds like you did quite well, Loribeth. I do admire you for your bravery!
    I am so grateful that baby showers are not part of our culture over here in Switzerland...

  4. I'm so glad you survived, you can be very proud of yourself :-)
    Like Elaine, I'm glad that baby showers don't exist in France and Germany. That looks to me like one further step towards the glorification of motherhood. Sending hugs!