Thursday, January 12, 2023



Credit where credit is due:  I grabbed the image above from a Medium post written by a woman named Joanne Huspek a few years ago on her own 62nd birthday:  "62 Things to Do When You Turn 62."  The number of candles in the image does give one pause -- but hey, as my Grandma once said about aging (and as I have quoted on this blog many times), "Consider the alternative...!"  

I'm not sure how many of the things on the list I did today ;) but I had a pretty good, busy day. This morning, we went to a well-known art gallery near us, where I have a membership, for the first time since the pandemic began. It was good to be back!  We wore masks, but there were very few other visitors there, thankfully. 

After that, we headed to the bookstore for a browse. I had both a $50 gift card from my sister and a 20% off birthday email burning a hole in my pocket (lol), on top of my membership card, which gave me yet another 10% off. I picked up "The McCartney Legacy, Volume 1: 1969-73" as well as (just guess...!) Prince Harry's memoir, "Spare" (I couldn't resist).  That one was discounted by 25%. With my gift card and all the discounts, I wound up paying a grand total of $4.82 for two hardcovers (which have gotten REALLY expensive lately!). Score!!  

After that, we went to the supermarket to pick up some wine for dinner, cupcakes for dessert, and pizza slices for lunch. We ordered takeout for dinner from one of our favourite restaurants.  And BIL & SIL dropped by a for a little while, with a gift. Just guess what it was -- SIL knows me well, lol.  Guess I'll be taking the copy I bought back to the store next week...!  ;)  

Tomorrow, the best present of all:  a haircut!  :)  


  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great day!

  2. I know how much you value your haircuts! And too funny that your SIL knows you so well she got you the same gift YOU got you.

    Happy belated birthday, Lori!

    Curious about your thoughts on Harry and the RF. Sounds like some seriously effed-up stuff (that is, on Twitter, at least. The British press is unhinged.)

    1. Thank you! :) I haven't read the book yet (and I have a couple of book club obligations before I'll be able to dive into it). I have a certain amount of sympathy for what he/they have been through... but I think they're reaching a saturation point in terms of public willingness to listen to the same complaints, over and over. Patti Davis (Ronald Reagan's daughter) had a piece in the New York Times recently, to the effect that just because you have a story to tell and family issues you're working through, doesn't mean you should go public with it, or all of it. She now regrets the memoir she wrote about her parents 30-40 years ago and suggests Harry may as well, in time.

  3. Happy Happy birthday! You have a whole year to do anything and everything from that list. One day is never enough time to celebrate all you are and all you are yet to be!

  4. Glad you had a lovely day! All those candles just mean that every year needs to be more and more of a celebration!

    Laughing at SIL too. Your love of memoirs and interest in the royals means this is a must read for you. (And if I'm honest, probably for me too - though I would have to buy it, as I heard there is a year-long waiting list for it at one of our biggest libraries!)

  5. Happy happy birthday! That IS a score, everything is so expensive lately, and hardcovers for $4 is awesome. I am not a big royals follower, but I do find Prince Harry interesting, funny, and a good interview to watch... I can't wait to read your review! Happy 62!