Monday, January 23, 2023

#MicroblogMondays: LGN made my day :)

Friday morning, we were at BIL & SIL's house. Older Nephew's Wife had an appointment in town and dropped off Little Great-Nephew to spend some time with the four of us while she was out. Aside from driving north to watch him skate the previous weekend, we'd last seen him at BIL & SIL's 2+ weeks earlier, shortly after we got back from Christmas vacation, which I wrote about here

Normally, he sticks to dh like glue -- but dh & BIL were out for a while that day, and SIL was stressed out, trying (and failing) to get him to use the potty.  I managed to get him to come sit beside me on the stairs (out of SIL's hair!) and talked quietly with him while he happily munched on apple slices and chattered away to me. He let me read THREE storybooks to him too, which was a first! 

You never know what's going to make an impression on little kids, or what they're going to remember. On this most recent visit -- even with dh and his beloved nonno (grandfather) around -- he got out some of his storybooks, sat on the stairs, patted the step beside him and called to me, "Aunt Lori!"  

"Ooh -- I'm being summoned! I guess this is our 'thing' now!"  I said to dh, surprised (but VERY pleased!), as I went over to sit beside him and read to him. Later, he got some apple slices and sat down beside me on the steps again while he ate. 


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  1. How absolutely lovely!

  2. That is fantastic! You are, so very appropriately, LGN's storytime queen! Made my heart melt.

  3. Such sweetness! Here's to more of these summoning moments, Aunt Lori!