Friday, October 2, 2020

Uterus update

Further to my post on Tuesday about my post-menopausal spotting issues:  

I called the clinic on Wednesday, and had a phone consultation with my family doctor yesterday afternoon (they're trying not to book office appointments right now unless it's absolutely necessary). I told him the spotting was dark brown, not red, and there was so little of it that I didn't even put on a pantyliner. Nor was I suffering cramps or any other overt pain. 

He agreed that was encouraging --BUT because I'm post-menopausal (eyeroll) we shouldn't ignore this, and so I'm going for an ultrasound next Thursday (the earliest they could book me). "It will be a transvaginal ultrasound," he warned me. I assured him that I went through fertility treatments, so that would NOT faze me! ;)  

Depending on the results of that (which he should have within two or three business days later), he will possibly refer me to a gynecologist for an endometrial biopsy. I had one with Dr. Ob-gyn (now retired) during my infertility workup, 20 years ago. I remember it wasn't fun, but it was also quickly done.

I did have two ultrasounds done four years ago -- one in April 2016 (ordered by Dr. Ob-gyn), because I'd been having some spotting & cramping between periods, and a follow-up in November, more for my peace of mind than anything else, he said. The April u/s detected a small area where the lining seemed slightly thicker, or possibly a small fibroid, but it was not clear enough to be conclusive. The November one didn't turn anything up. 

The first day I noticed the spotting was a week ago Thursday;  it showed up three more times over the next few days, including on Tuesday (when I posted here about it). Nothing Wednesday. Nothing yesterday... until just as I was getting ready for bed. (eyeroll) This time it was more like regular discharge, but tinged lighter brown.  

So I guess we'll see what happens... I'm not telling our families anything about this, unless it turns out there's something to tell. Why worry them unnecessarily? 

When I called the office on Wednesday about this, I also asked about our annual checkups. They won't be doing those until some time in the new year (!). I also asked about flu shots. Those are coming soon, and will be done by appointment. I will need to call them sometime next week or the week after that to book those. 

Any prayers/positive thoughts/vibes/similar experiences (hopefully ones that turned out well...!) appreciated. 


  1. Dear LB, in my experience, the spotting was due to a fungal infection (easily treated). On another occasion, when no infection was found, my ob/gyn explained that prolonged sitting could cause a thin discharge post-menopause (something to do with dryness and wall thickness). Best wishes! Diana

    1. "Prolonged sitting" -- as in, COVID-induced couch potato-dom?? Hmmm.... That would definitely be a plausible explanation...! Thank you, Diana!!

  2. Thinking of you, too, Loribeth. May there be nothing to tell your families, nothing further for you to deal with. Just a uterus that signs off quietly after a near-lifetime of waxing and waning.

    1. "Just a uterus that signs off quietly" -- now that would be nice...! Thanks, Lori! <3

  3. Thinking of you! I hope all is well and it's just your uterus's last hurrah. It would be lovely if your uterus could just play nice!