Monday, January 28, 2019

#MicroblogMonday: Small pleasures & annoying things

Some recent annoying things:
  • Getting woken up at 5 a.m. on Sunday by the snowplow, clearing snow from the laneway & parking lot (i.e., directly beneath our bedroom window). :p  
  • And.... more snow in the forecast for today. Heavy snow, in fact (at least 15-20 cm expected), & continuing on till tomorrow morning. It's already started, and the roads were already slippery when we were out for lunch & groceries earlier. And of course, my first book club meeting at the library is tonight... we'll see... (On the bright side -- no shovelling required!! ;)  )  
  • Wearing a cardigan over my long-sleeved T-shirt, and socks AND slippers on my feet -- and STILL feeling cold (dh, meanwhile, still goes around the condo BAREFOOT...!!).  :p  
  • The lightweight down jacket I bought last winter continues to shed feathers, particularly all over the seat of the car where I sit. :p  Perhaps not QUITE as copiously as before, but still enough to be very noticeable. :(  
And (for counterbalance) some recent small pleasures:  :) 
  • Getting a haircut on Friday and feeling somewhat less shaggy. :)  
  • Spending a good part of the weekend on the couch watching some fabulous figure skating (U.S. national and European championships).  :)  
  • Receiving & going through a pile of documents from stepMIL that FIL had been keeping -- including dh's passport -- from 1970!!;  funeral cards, the guest book & the bill from his mom's funeral;  his parents' marriage certificate, etc. etc....
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  1. As I would choose the channel to watch the Aussie Open, I noticed always that another channel was showing figure-skating, and thought of you, confident that I knew which one you would be watching!

    Northerners (Canadians, Americans and Europeans) always amuse me that even though it is snowing outside, they still want to walk around their homes in T-shirts! One long-sleeved T-shirt and a cardigan doesn't sound like very (indoor) wintry clothing to me.

    Good luck for the bookclub tonight!

    1. Unfortunately, it was cancelled because of the weather. :( Maybe next month -- or the month after that -- the next pick, as I noted in a previous post, is called "The Mothers" (!!)... hmmm....

  2. Oh man, I don't think this snow is coming for me in Rochester. Get ready for that horrific cold, though... you're going to need an extra sweater! I have this glorious fleece bathrobe thing that's like wearing a blanket. It's amazing. Weird, I have a down jacket that sheds feathers like it's snowing too! SO irritating. I'm sorry to see that your book club was cancelled. Mine's on Wednesday, hoping the weather doesn't mess that one up, too! We read The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin, which was quite good. Enjoy the figure-skating!

  3. Can you return the coat? That seems insanely annoying and I'm wondering if the company would just trade you for a new one (that hopefully doesn't shed).

    Sorry about all the snow and the cold. But I am envious of your upcoming date to watch figure-skaing (may it be a wonderful competition!). Sending warm thoughts your way.

    1. Not likely I could return the coat, since it's more than a year since I bought it. :p I do like it -- it's really cute, and I like that it's warm, but not too heavy for running around town, in & out of stores, & for walking around the mall. (I would swelter if I wore my heavy-duty winter coat!) I Googled and apparently it's not an uncommon problem with down jackets. Several sites suggested throwing it in the dryer with a couple of tennis balls to fluff up the down. I didn't have any tennis balls but I did throw it in the dryer for a few minutes, which seemed to help, temporarily. My sister told me she washed her jacket (& then dried it in the dryer) and didn't have any problems after that, so I may have to try that.

      Skating was last weekend (actually the past two weekends, including Canadian championships). :) Next big competition is Four Continents, which is not such a big deal in my books, and then the world championships in mid-March. :)

  4. Ugh I have the same problem with the lightweight down coat I bought from Costco. It's so irritating!

    I think we might live in similar areas...we are also being pummeled with snow - my dogs love it, but me? Not so much! :-S

    Keep warm!