Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The mother of all book dilemmas ;)

I went to one of the local library branches today to get a library card & ask about the book club, which meets next week. The librarian who runs the club told me they provide the books, and we'll receive our copies of the next selection (to be discussed at the February meeting) -- "The Mothers" by Brit Bennett -- at next week's meeting (where we'll be discussing "The Alice Network," which I assured her I already had & had read).

OK, I have to admit, I flinched at the mere mention of the title. ("The Mothers" -- not "The Alice Network.")  Yes -- I am ashamed to admit -- I am literally judging a book by its cover/title. Even though, glancing at the blurb, it doesn't seem to be a "mommy-lit" kind of book.

I'm trying to tell myself that this is part of the reason why I'm joining a book club, to be exposed to books & authors I might not otherwise look at. Who knows, I might wind up enjoying it.

But seriously -- the next read just happens to be a book called "The Mothers"??  What are the odds, right?  Just one more reminder of what I am not. :p

Have you read "The Mothers"?  Would you recommend it?

(On a completely different note, I was shocked at how few BOOKS there actually were in the library. Many of the shelves were only half-filled/half-bare, and there were far fewer shelves than I expected to see. I grew up in towns much smaller than this one -- although granted, this was just one small branch of about 10 in this city -- but the shelves of my childhood libraries were crammed with books.)  The computers, on the other hand, were being well used...  I guess it's obvious I haven't been in a library in quite a while, but yikes!!)


  1. Eye-roll about the next bookclub choice. Good grief.

    I went into our main library branch last week (for my first non-ebook loan for years!!), and though I knew it hadn't changed, it still felt smaller than I remembered it! But the shelves were packed with books. We have a small local library which I don't think I've ever been into. I must visit. Also, to see if it has a bookclub. See, you are inspiring me!

  2. Argh! Modern Mrs Darcy has recommended that book a few times on her podcast. Based on what I remember from her description, I think the book is about the African American experience and the matriarchal elements therein. If I remember correctly, there is a Greek chorus in it, and I think that "the mothers" refers to that. I was intrigued by that, as I love a good Greek chorus. I just pulled this from Vox: "In this book, motherhood and the absence of motherhood are each a painful, vicious wound." So, yeah. It's a bit close to the bone. On the other hand, maybe you can add a fresh perspective?

  3. Ah, this is on my to-read list, but I haven't looked into it besides seeing a review and liking it enough to add it to my Keep list on my phone. Isn't that so annoying when it's like, "Oh, OF COURSE the next book is called "The Mothers!" I can't wait to hear all the connections people have and all the mother-y stuff that will be discussed, ugh." Grr. I hope that it is awesome and doesn't open a floodgate of mom-centric discussion. How cool that your library has this bookclub!