Monday, May 24, 2021

#MicroblogMondays: Pronatalism in... hockey?? ;)

Pronatalism applies to guys too! We were watching the local suppertime TV newscast on Saturday night, prior to game #2 of the Toronto Maple Leafs versus Montreal Canadians (playoffs series) -- always a big story hereabouts, of course...!  Earlier this week in Game #1, the Leafs young captain, John Tavares, was injured (concussion), and they expect he'll be out for at least two weeks while recovering. There was a clip of the team's GM being interviewed, and my ears pricked up at one of his comments. I found a transcript of his remarks later, and here's one of the things he said [emphasis mine]: 

The head injury and the concussion is difficult to place a timeline on for when someone is going to return. We handle those in a very conservative nature and handle them very sensitively. We will follow the protocols to a T with that. We can’t replace that element with John and can’t repair it. We have to be very careful and keep in mind that he has a young family and there is an onus on us to protect him and his future in that regard.

I yelled at the TV, "What if he DIDN'T have a young family?  You'd just send him back out there, because his life and future is less valuable then??"  

(Dh just rolled his eyes at me, lol. Sorry -- once your eyes are opened to this kind of stuff, you see it EVERYWHERE!) 

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  1. UGH! I would have yelled at the TV, too. What the flippity flap. It is so disheartening to hear the message that basically with kids, you are a guardian of the future and you are a priority. Important, yes, but more so than others? Blergghhhhh.

  2. Yes, it is indeed everywhere. Sigh. It's so pervasive, unless there's a reason, people don't even notice it.