Monday, May 10, 2021

#MicroblogMondays: Small pleasures & annoying things

 Small pleasures: 

  • Seeing Little Great-Nephew (soon to be 18 months old) this past weekend (stay-at-home order notwithstanding...) for the first time in over a month, and basking in all the cuteness. :)  (It was just BIL & SIL at home with him, the front screen door and balcony doors were both open for air circulation, all the adults have had our first vaccines, and BIL is the only one of us still out working, so we took a calculated risk.) 
    • Bonus: Seeing the dog too. :)  
    • Bonus: Getting out of the house!! after spending most of the past month in the house. :p 
  • Finishing yet another book (reviewed here) and watching my Goodreads Reading Challenge total grow closer to my goal. :) 
  • Easy crockpot chicken & dumplings (comfort food!) for yesterday's dinner.  

Annoying things: 
  • WAY too many grey, dreary, cloudy (sometimes rainy) days lately.  :(  
  • Seeing/reading about fully vaccinated people in the States travelling, venturing out into bars and to places like Disney World and getting to hug their moms on Mother's Day, while things here are (still) in such a mess. :(   Those kinds of scenes are still a long way off here... 
  • Knowing our current stay-at-home order is due to expire on May 20th -- just before our Victoria Day long weekend -- and not trusting our provincial government to make the right call and extend it for another few weeks. :p  (New case numbers are starting to decline, but they're still pretty high, and the hospital ICUs are still pretty jammed. I heard an estimate today that it will take something like THREE YEARS to clear up the backlog of surgeries that have been postponed...)   
  • Coming up to 9 weeks since our last haircuts, and my scraggly hair is starting to get pretty annoying again... 
    • (I've said it before and I will say it again:  Wearing masks everywhere? No problem. Staying home for weeks on end? No problem. Staying away from malls and restaurants for more than a year?  Can do!  But going without regular haircuts??  Heeellllpppppp....)
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  1. I'm glad you got to visit with Little Great-Nephew! And the dog! Oh and BIL and SIL too lol. :) It's so nice to get out of the house and see people when we are at home all the time. I had an in-person job interview the other day (we were all masked) and it was coming to a close and they asked if I had any more questions. So I said, "Well, are you sure you all don't want to hang out a little longer?" And everyone laughed. We are all so sick of living our isolated lives.

    Your crockpot recipe reminded me of my mom's recipe. She also makes dumplings with canned biscuits. "Get the cheapest canned biscuits you can find," she always says. :)

    It might take three years to get caught up on all of the surgeries? Holy cow!! That makes me sad and mad. Just thinking of a person who needs, say, a knee replacement and that they have to wait while they may be in pain or experiencing limited mobility. That's so frustrating. :(

    I desperately want a haircut too. I also want to go eat IN a restaurant. I am getting tired of doing dishes. Sigh... But I will continue waiting and being grateful for the food that I do have at home.